Pro Bono Coaching

What is Pro Bono Coaching?

Vital Ability, LLC offers a LIMITED NUMBER of Pro Bono spots throughout the year, for personal coaching without charge, for a set number of individual sessions. These are granted on a first come, first served basis, and based on eligibility and available funding to support the Pro Bono services provided.

Vital Ability, LLC is located in the United States, yet works with clients from all over the world. We operate on Eastern Standard Time (EST) and our primary language is English. Please keep this in mind when applying. All sessions are completed virtually through a phone call or video platform.

What is included in the Pro Bono Program by Vital Ability, LLC?

A free 30 minute introduction up front to start the process, where we will explore some of your goals, ensure we both are comfortable with the fit in the relationship before moving forward.

If you choose to proceed, you will be provided a coaching agreement to sign and return, along with setting up the first intake coaching session. The intake session will take roughly 60-90 minutes.

We will then schedule out the next 8 sessions together.

What is provided by the Client?

There is a one-time affordable financial investment required by all of our pro bono clients. This cost is a registration fee and covers the intake appointment, access to the client portal, and all admin fees. The amount required must be paid in full before beginning the Pro Bono program. A variety of payment options are available. Please inquire about cost during your free consultation call.

Vital Ability will then offer 8 complimentary sessions, available for scheduling over the course of 3 months as part of the Pro Bono program.

As a ProBono Program recipient, you agree to the following:

  • pay registration fee in full
  • a commitment to do the work necessary to affect a successful coaching session
  • be willing to follow through on any proposed action steps within the time frame set by your personal goals/direction and voiced to your coach
  • come to each session on time and prepared to engage and participate fully
  • adhere fully to the coaching agreement
  • upon completion of your final Pro Bono Coaching session, provide a testimonial

Can a completed Pro Bono program be renewed?

Renewal of Pro Bono Coaching is available for one renewal process (based on availability of Vital Ability, LLC to add Client to schedule). Once client completes Pro Bono program, they are permitted to continue coaching at the regular Coaching rate.

Who is eligible to apply for consideration in the Pro Bono program?

  • Individual who is experiencing an extreme hardship and is committed to the Coaching process and completing entire Pro Bono program sessions
  • Individual who is low income and has no other means to pay for Coaching Services, and is committed to completing entire Pro Bono program sessions
  • Student enrolled in High School as a Junior or Senior, enrolled in a College/University, or Trade School. The student must be unable to otherwise pay for their own Coaching services or unable to acquire a sponsor to pay for their Coaching services
  • People who are unable to work in a traditional work environment that are on disability, or transitioning back to work from being unemployed for some time

Vital Ability, LLC would love to work with you as one of our pro bono clients. Please feel free to share this with anyone who you think might benefit from this opportunity.

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