Pro Bono Coaching

Vital Ability, LLC offers a LIMITED NUMBER of Pro Bono spots throughout the year for personal coaching. These are granted on a first come, first served basis. Client’s must meet the below factors to qualify.

Vital Ability, LLC is located in the United States, yet works with clients from all over the world. We operate on Eastern Standard Time (EST). Please keep this in mind when applying.

Pro Bono Coaching is geared toward and given to:

  • Individuals who are low income
  • Student enrolled in High School, College//University, or a Trade School who are also working and are unable to otherwise pay for Coaching services or acquire a sponsor to pay for their Coaching services
  • Individuals who have been unemployed for over 6 months
  • People who are unable to work in a traditional work environment, are on disability, or transitioning back to work from being unemployed for some time
  • Regarding Brain Injury Recovery Coaching, client should be able to have functioning cognitive abilities in order to fully participate in coaching sessions, goal setting, and completing action steps
  • Other Life Coaches interested in trading service hours for ICF requirements

Vital Ability offers 6 sessions over the course of 3 months. These consist of the additional free 30 minute introduction up front to start the process, where we will explore some of your goals and possible focus areas to ensure you are getting the maximum value from each session, and see if we both are comfortable with the fit in the relationship.

If you choose to proceed, you will be provided a coaching agreement to sign and return, along with setting up the first intake coaching session. The first session will take roughly 60-90 minutes (cost of $225 for all clients, even if receiving pro bono services) – waived for Summer of 2021 promotion.

After that, each subsequent sessions (for 8 sessions) will be approximately 1 hour and not billed for.

Renewal of Pro Bono Coaching is available for one renewal process, and then Client reverts to a regular paying Clients (payment plans available upon request).

In return, and in lieu of exchanging any funds for this Pro Bono Coaching opportunity, you need to provide the following:

  • payment of $225 intake fee (for access to portal and admin costs) – waived for Summer 2021 promotion
  • a commitment to do the work necessary to affect a successful coaching session
  • be willing to follow through on any proposed action steps within the time frame set by your personal goals/direction and voiced to your coach
  • come to each session on time and prepared to engage and participate fully
  • adhere fully to the coaching agreement
  • upon completion of your final Pro Bono Coaching session, provide in writing, through email at a “testimonial” with a photo within one week

Vital Ability, LLC would love to work with you as one of our pro bono client program. Please feel free to share this with anyone who you think might benefit financially from this opportunity are important to you, your family, and the direction of your life path while lifting up those who need support, but cannot afford traditional coaching services.

Please apply with the form below: