Disability and Coaching

There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more. ~ Robert M Hensel

Have a Disability? Don’t Dis’….. Your Abilities

Any person who has experienced a disabling injury or illness, or has had an experience resulting in temporary or permanent disabilities may benefit from working with someone who can relate to some of their hurdles and emotions of that experience.

Whether your disability is visible or invisible, a Coach may be a valuable addition as an accountability partner assisting you to face and move beyond specific life challenges and critical moments. You may benefit from Coaching if your life has changed due to illness or injury from an accident, disease process, trauma, war/conflict, or aging and you feel stuck on establishing that next step.

There is an added benefit to having a Coach who has a disability, or recovered from one. They are able to fully understand and relate to the struggles, barriers, and the journey of recovery. They have not only survived their own personal trauma, but they have thrived in spite of their challenges.  In other words, the coach has gone from survivor to thriver.  With that genuine experience, there is no doubt that your Coach understands difficulty and knows what it takes to overcome complex obstacles. This can allow you to trust the process and get the most from the coaching experience.

Keep in mind though that this is not the same as having a counselor or a replacement for counseling. A Coach is not a counselor.

Key Areas of the Coaching Process:

  • Disability Coaching is designed to help the client improve their own medical communication between themselves and medical professionals, promote empowerment and change the way we define wellness, sickness and healing. Coaching allows you to explore your ability to make clear, direct requests for support and accommodations
  • Disability coaching is designed to be a mental and emotional process of supporting a client to unlock their potential, maximize their performance and grow beyond the current circumstances of their condition
  • Disability Coaching is designed around creating a structure for change, fulfillment, for the sake of enhancing well-being, and recognizing limitations
  • Disability Coaching is designed to help the client gain greater clarity about if, when, and how to self-disclose about your disability to others
  • Disability Coaching is designed to help identify and discover your strengths, and confidently face difficult situations while expanding problem solving skills
  • Disability Coaching is designed to help expand your ability to make clear, direct requests for support and accommodations
  • Disability Coaching is designed to explore time management skills with the Client
  • Disability Coaching is designed to help a client to find their own answers and solutions, become more creative, resilient, and adaptive
  • Disability Coaching is designed to offer space and attentiveness for the client to experience and see themselves authentically and developing their communication skills

Coaching is not just open to the survivor. It is also open to anyone who is a Caregiver, relative, or spouse to a survivor. You can reach your own personal potential and best self, while collaborating with a Coach that fits your specific needs as well..

Disability does not mean inability. ~ Anonymous