Are You Going Through A Life Transition?

Vital Ability is all about supporting you in taking care of the things that are vital in your life, while discovering, enhancing, and developing your current ability into something that is not only transformational, yet supportive of you navigating your life transitions.

We work with clients adapting to life changes after trauma (usually illness/injury) by focusing on goal planning, navigating life transitions through self-direction, developing self-advocacy skills, and enhancing opportunities for motivation through various modalities and alternative options.

Vital Ability is about working with you to live life intentionally each and every day by accepting the strength, courage, and beauty within yourself. It is about celebrating your ability to focus on this beautiful life you were meant to live.

Vital Ability assists by Helping Other People Excel (HOPE).

What Qualifies As A Life Transition?

Anyone experiencing any type of life transition that they are wanting to get clarity on, make changes in, or succeed at handling can utilize our services. If you are experiencing fears, doubts involving some big changes, wanting to improve self-management, self-confidence, and other aspects of your life, then coaching may benefit you in creating a clear vision of the future you want and then establishing the steps and support in your life as you pursue the end result you are looking for. Sometimes it can be incredibly useful to work with an accountability partner.

Examples of life transitions are:

  • Adapting to life changes after Trauma, Injury, or Illness
  • Self-discovery efforts (creating goals}; making changes by pursuing a specific goal
  • Grief , loss, and Bereavement
  • Marriage, Relationships; mid-life changes (family, parenting, change in social dynamics)
  • Adjustment to Career (seeking/receiving promotion, job loss, switching careers, retiring, etc)

You’ll notice above a graphic of a Cherry Blossom which has personal significance to my own transition process. You can read more about why the Cherry Blossom is significant – HERE.