Investing In You (Pricing)


Summer 2021 OFFER. Intake Session Fee waived ($225.00 value) for those signing up through August 31, 2021

The more you invest in yourself, the more valuable you become. ~ Anonymous

Coaching Service Fees:

Consider utilizing our free 30 minute consultation to learn more about Vital Ability and the Coach you will be working with to see if you feel comfortable and the process resonates with you.

When signing up for any session blocks, consider that the more sessions you commit to and pay for in advance, the greater the savings on total cost. All sessions will be paid before starting that particular session/block.

Starting Out

  • Consultation session (for prospective clients wanting to know more before paying) – 30 minutes free consultation

Intake Session waived for those signing up

through August 31, 2021

  • Intake Session – 60 to 90 minutes (varies based on individual). All new clients begin with a one time initial Intake session, and then may choose the various sessions below to continue moving forward: $225.00

Session Block Options Available – Month to Month- ( $150.00 per session – 60 minutes each)

  • Individual session – 1 session monthly for 60 minutes ($150.00)
  • Double Block – 2 sessions monthly ($300.00)
  • Trio Block – 3 sessions monthly ($450.00)
  • Quad Block – 4 sessions monthly ($600.00)

Personal Commitment Blocks earn 10% discount (60 minutes per session, and must be used within time frame listed)

  • Bronze Block – 6 sessions total, (must be used within 3 months, one session every other week) scheduled as individual sessions, $900..00 (minus 10% savings) = $810.00
  • Silver Block – 12 sessions total, (must be used within 3 months, one session weekly) scheduled as individual sessions, $1,800.00 (minus 10% savings) = $1,620.00
  • Gold Block – 24 sessions total, (must be used within 3 months, 2 sessions weekly) scheduled as individual sessions, : $3,600.00 (minus 10% savings) = $3,240.00
  • Other Options per request

An Intake session is for a new client, and is often defined as someone who is having their intake scheduled with the Coach for the first time. It may also include anyone who may have been a client previously, however has not received services for 1 year or longer. A new client, must complete the intake before any further appointments can be scheduled. An Intake Session can range from 60-90 minutes

All other Coaching Sessions are 60 minutes. Bronze, Silver, and Gold, offer a 10% discount on total cost, for pre-paying for that amount of time.

Client can call their Coach outside of Coaching times with Emergencies. Phone calls will be answered M-F Eastern Standard Time (EST), returned calls outside of this time frame are possible, and other times by appointment. International calls may be done through a platform other than telephone such as Zoom, Skype, or other such platform agreed upon with Coach.

All sessions are at a time agreed upon between you and your coach. Arrangements for coaching different from above “Blocks” are available per agreement and availability of Coach.

If unable to afford prices listed here, consider applying for PRO BONO COACHING (a certain number of pro bono cases provided quarterly)

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Cancellation Policy: We understand that sometimes things happen and you may have to reschedule an appointment, or cancel one altogether. If you cancel an appointment within 48 hours of the appointment, please reschedule it within 5 days to utilize the credit for that time.

If you do not show for an appointment, or do not cancel within 48 hours, or reschedule within 5 days, you will be charged full price for that reserved appointment time.

Refund Policy: All sessions already started (mid-session), completed, or already billed (such as Intake session, regular appointment, no shows, or cancellations not done within 48 hours) are non-refundable.

Regardless of how many sessions you commit to, you are welcome to stop your Coaching at any time you choose and receive a refund for any sessions not yet completed, minus the cancellation fee. If ending Coaching services at any time, this must be indicated in writing through email notification to your Coach HERE.

If the Coach is unable to keep a session for whatever reason, you will be notified in advance with as much time as possible. You will also not be charged for that session. A replacement session will be scheduled as soon as possible with mutual collaboration between you and your Coach.

Brain Injury Recovery Program Fees:

The pricing on this is based on a case by case basis. Please EMAIL ME to go over your specific needs. There are no refunds for payments made to this program.

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. ~Napoleon Hill

Local Workshops:

Registration for any scheduled workshop (online or offline) is $150.00 per attendee. Each offline workshop includes provided light snack, non-alcoholic beverage, and materials. Each online workshop includes full access to Workshop at the designated Workshop time. All workshop attendees should register and pay in advance of attendance in Workshop. There are no refunds for workshop payments.


Registration for any pre-recorded Webinars must be paid in advance based on advertised cost of that specific Webinar. There are no refunds for Webinars.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. ~Henry Ford