Caren is an excellent coach, she creates the space for the client to just be, to share and be vulnerable without judgement. She gets under the goals and challenges through her insightful questioning and is committed to empowering clients to reach their unlimited potential

~ Jarlath Devaney, Netherlands

I have a new outlook on my worthiness and I can’t thank you enough. I’m not even able to articulate all that I feel. I am walking away from coaching with Caren feeling – Lighter…like a load has been lifted off me! She shares feedback that is eye opening and insightful. An all-around great job at holding space for my self discovery. You’re heart and desire to help is felt and appreciated. Anyone who decides to work with you will be changed for the better!!

~ Jocey Wiltanen, United States

Working with Caren was very helpful and helped me gain clarity on the things I felt were keeping me stuck and holding me back. She is a very good listener, ask very good questions and provides great insight and feedback. It was such a pleasure working with Caren and having someone hold me accountable for my goals.

Kenyanna B., United States

Before receiving coaching from Caren at Vital Ability Coaching, I felt overwhelmed with my many projects, ideas and tasks and often questioned if I was overestimating my capacity to build my business. Working with Caren, she helped me to work through the many ideas, action steps and obstacles to get clarity on how to approach the tasks. Working with Caren, who is very patient, gentle and supportivr, I was able to ground myself and create step-by-step plans. She also helped me to identify resources locally and abroad, and went the extra mile holding my accountsble for both completing tasks in a timely manner but also giving myself permission to play, relax and take breaks too. This was much needed because I can be a workaholic, all work and no play. Never did Caren say, “You are doing too much!” She supported me in accomplishing what I envisioned and was very supportive in practical and realistic approaches in goal attainment. 

~ Kisha Freed, Success Coach – United States

I have been experiencing significant procrastination and overwhelm since becoming self employed earlier this year. I was given the opportunity to work with Caren for 4 sessions and I have had some real shifts in my outlook throughout these sessions.

Caren has a lovely calm and warm manner that creates a safe environment to explore the presenting issues and she has an innate ability to ask questions in such a way that they really encourage you to explore all the possibilities. Caren is non judgemental and supportive, and knows how to challenge in a respectful manner to help you develop yourself further.

The pre- and post- session tasks were actionable, insightful and contained in an easy to use portal, which allowed me to remain accountable in between sessions. This alone was invaluable as we could build on progress smoothly rather than having to spend a lot of time at the beginning of a call recapping the previous session.

The sessions have allowed me to make changes to how I structure my activities, when to cut myself some slack and how to manage my inner critic. I am already seeing improvements in my productivity, my perspective of how I deal with events that crop up and coming up with solutions to make the best of the situation.

I would definitely recommend Caren to any of my friends and peers interested in transformational coaching.

Thank you Caren!

M.B., United Kingdom

Caren remainder laser-focused on my goals and offered a very safe and non-judgmental space where I could open up and talk through my struggles. She was very kind and never gave advice, rather than helped guide me through to finding my own solutions. Working with Caren allowed me to get a handle on my time-management gap and accomplish tasks that I was procrastinating on that really needed to be done. I would come into the sessions often feeling overwhelmed and after I would feel empowered and clear on what my next steps should be. Caren is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is getting into their own way or feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

~ Yulia S., United States

I was attending the Coach Training Academy when a post from my coach, Caren led me to sign up for Vital Ability, LLC coaching services. I enjoyed working with Caren because she got me thinking. My biggest takeaway was learning to take small steps and writing my goals down in order to reach them. Yes, I would recommend to a friend because of the results that I have received.

Frieda, United States

(Workshop) – I liked very much the quality and abundance of information. It helped me organize my pre-existing info and reconsider the possible questions when working with such clients. Really, very useful info!  

It’s difficult for those without previous knowledge about PTS/PTSD –> too condensed for 1 hour, no time for questions.

~ Roxana, Romania

Caren is thoughtful, caring, and patient in her approach. There were times I needed to process some emotionally heavy things, and she created the safe space for me to do that.  She also helped me move forward afterward and stick to the goals I set for myself – so I didn’t wallow and get off track!  Caren is a gem of a coach.

~ Mindy Haas, United States

Caren is fantastic! She is insightful, observant and compassionate. She helped me see big picture and was able to provide amazing input on various issues I was working on. She provided information on various topics that proved to be extremely helpful. She also helped me see big picture and get out of the box. I highly recommend working with Caren if you get a chance!

~ Karen B., United States

I took away a clear starting process to accomplish my goal. Caren also provided with, what it felt, a safe space to explore and communicate deeper feelings and thoughts behind my goal and plans to go about it.

~ Gabriela, United States

Caren was always very attentive and present during our sessions. I had a lot of challenges with starting my own business practice and she helped guide me with goals and routines. I felt like the “aha” moment was when she guided me back to parent my inner child, something I hadn’t done in a little while that was calling me back to calm the fears of rejection. She is a very reliable and organized person who can help support you during your transformation! Thank you!

~ Emilie Perron, Canada

I enjoyed every moment I spent with Caren, she held me accountable .We explored my values and goals and she help me prioritize what would give me most satisfaction in life. The first two sessions were tough because it really got to the core of my being to align with myself,set goals and implement. It was remarkable how much Caren’s coaching as shifted me. I would highly recommend her.

D. Govind, United States

After working with Caren, I was able to clearly articulate a future vision for myself and define my priorities to achieve greater work/life balance. Working with her has been amazing, insightful and profoundly helpful. I find her to be incredibly compassionate but also willing to ask the hard questions while in a safe environment of support, empathy and encouragement. Thank you Caren.

~ Dilania, United States

Caren and I worked together through her wonderful Peer Coaching Program. She is very authentic, warm and proficient with fantastic listening skills.  She also celebrates your win’s with genuine enthusiasm and her professional coaching portal certainly helps you keep on top of your actions and worksheets.  I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching experience with Caren and I am grateful for all the information on coaching she openly shared.

~ A Southworth, United Kingdom

Caren helped me to believe in myself again. I was having trouble moving forward in my business. Her coaching style helped me to recognize the areas I needed to improve and help me to develop the tools I needed to move my business forward. Thank you Caren!

~ Cheri G., United States

Caren is a competent and caring coach. She helped me move past the self-made walls I created around particular possibilities. Her keen insight and thought-provoking questions, allowed me to challenge myself to think outside of the barriers that I had created. I would highly recommend Caren to anyone who has the desire to tackle goals and dreams.

~Demetrius L., United States

Caren is a good listener and asks some many powerful questions. She gives the space for you to explore your thoughts and play them back in your mind.

She allows you to control the session and where you want it to go organically.
Her use of imagery exercises were so good and it open my eyes to so much.

She is knowledgeable and my session with her on behaviours was excellent. I would recommend her as a coach.

~ Corey Campbell – Barbedos

It has been my distinct pleasure to work with and learn from Caren Robinson. She has a warm and personable demeanor that immediately set me at ease. I found her to be knowledgeable and curious in a way that helped me explore additional ways to move myself forward in business and life. If you are looking for a kind, compassionate, and committed professional who can help you realize your potential, Caren Robinson is the coach to contact.

~ Dr. Linda Lord, PhD. Expressive Arts Therapy – Canada

Caren has a unique ability to connect with everyone she meets. Her story of tragedy and triumph inspires her audiences and clients. She is an out of the box thinker with tenacity and passion. She is honest, deeply committed to her work, and has enough empathy to heal the world. This allows her audiences and clients the safety for real and true transform. She inspired me the moment I heard her speak, and she continues to inspire me every time we talk.

~Nathan Hickman – Michigan

Caren has been my coach for months. With her experience and her ability to overcome her own obstacles; she has successfully assisted me on finding myself through my own personal journey. She helped me to be confident in a career transitioning interview that ultimately landed me the job. Thank you Caren for everything you have done for me in my career and life. I will forever be grateful.

– Tanya Johnson, Minnesota

I had the privilege of being coached by Caren and do highly recommend her! She is a great, attentive listener and with her strong intuition managed to draw out more than once the underlying issues that were hidden from me beneath the surface.

It’s been a long time since I truly felt heard and as safe as in the space she had created, to voice the things that I might not have dared to say out loud before.

It enabled me to work through them gently and to move into the future life I so hoped for, one step at a time.

If you get a chance to work with her, just do it, your’ll thank me later!

~Juliet Leroy, Board of Trustee of EFT International

As a coach, Caren provides me with the space I need to formulate a plan as well as asks questions that encourage me to think deeply about my motivations and mindset. Working with her encourages me to feel confident enough to act on the goals that I have designed for myself. I am grateful to her for all of her help and support.

~Terri H, Washington DC

I’ve been a client with Caren for over one month and we have covered various topics. We have especially been focusing on challenges related to self isolation during quarantine. Each session with Caren starts with her very warm welcome and genuine attention to me. Since our lives have been turned upside down I get confused by the consequences of Covid-19 lock-down, but didn’t realize how to handle it until I started working with Caren. She creates a very welcoming and safe environment to talk about my biggest concerns and work them out; listens very attentively, and catches the most important topics to me.

Due to Caren utilizing these skills, I uncovered many hidden worries I was not even aware of. Our sessions together always work, as an eye opener for me. Caren helped me to turn my problems around and create a positive vision for the future, and if it was not possible or outside my ability to control or change the situation, she helped me to accept each situation as it is.

I would highly recommend Caren as a coach for everyone who wants to be able to discover themselves and are open to discussing their most personal and vulnerable topics with an incredibly thoughtful and understanding coach.

~Svitlana Penievska – Amsterdam area, Netherlands

Vital Ability has allowed me to develop myself beyond my imagination. Caren treats your stry and session like its her own. She does a tremendous job giving energy to the client, actively listening and creating a warm environment for a client to be openly vulnerable. Caren has worked together with me and helped me grow to achieve goals in both, the personal and professional areas of my life.

~Mr. Harsh Somal – Canada

Working with Caren as a peer coaching partner has been a great experience. Caren’s intuition coupled with her open communication style allowed for us to get right to the heart of the matter during sessions, creating more time for focusing on solutions instead of the problem. Caren’s calm and welcoming presence during sessions makes her an ideal coach, allowing her clients to share openly with sense of safety and ease. Thank you Caren!

~Shay Perry – North Carolina

Caren’s personal story is amazing and inspiring, she is such a strong person! And what is even better, when you start working with her, is that her energy is very positive and supportive. She is a caring coach and has great listening skills, and will keep you accountable to achieve your goals.

~Dari Nikolov – Florida

Caren and I have taken the same class during our coaching studies at Goal ImageryⓇ Institute. I got to know Caren as a highly professional, open-minded and patient individual and coach with endless energy, who has proven a level of mastery in NLP activities too. I strongly recommend Caren’s coaching practice to anyone who is looking to work with a life coach!

~Andrea Meszaros – London, England UK