1:1 Peer Exchange Coaching

Are you enrolled in, or have completed 60+ hours of a Life Coach Training Program?

Are you needing to acquire more coaching hours for certification/credentialing?

Are you looking to gain more coaching experience and continue to develop your skills and techniques?

The Peer Exchange helps each participating Coach:

  • obtain coaching hours towards certification (if seeking ICF or EMCC certification)
  • practice mastering their coaching skills through an ongoing exchange with one peer for a set number of sessions
  • an opportunity to work on or develop a specific coaching skill, subset, or test your business/coaching process
  • an opportunity to get feedback from and give feedback regarding value of coaching provided
  • continue to gain knowledge and application of your coaching skills, and master the coaching process (required for all coaching accreditation organizations, including IAC)
  • coaching exchange hours are considered “paid hours” by ICF

What does a 1:1 Exchange look like?

This consists of you being assigned to one coach and working with that one coach for 8 sessions. You will attend a meet-n-greet session, be onboarded as a new client, then schedule 4 sessions where you will coach them.You then switch and onboard them as your client, and schedule the next 4 sessions.

How long does a 1:1 Cycle last?

8 weeks, or 8 sessions

May I register with the same coach more than once for the 1:1 Peer Exchange?

In a simple answer, yes. This is however, solely at the discretion of whichever Coach you are working with.

Vital Ability, LLC – Peer Exchange Qualification Requirement:

Any potential participant MUST BE either registered in, or have completed a 60 hours or more Coach Training Program/Accreditation with any of the following institutions:

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) – participant is currently enrolled in or has completed an ICF affiliated certified training program of 60 hours or more, are working towards accumulating/maintaining the hours needed for the ACC, PCC, or MCC certification
  • International Association of Coaching (IAC) –  participant is currently enrolled in, or has completed an individual Accreditation course or Training Program for the Certified Masteries Coach CMC (IAC) or IAC® Master Masteries Coach (MMC) levels.

Both ICF and IAC are the two most recognized and respected coach certification international organizations.

  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) – participant is currently enrolled in or has completed an Accreditation course with the EMCC, or is working towards completing individual Accreditation in “Foundation, Practitioner, Senior Practitioner, or Master Practitioner” levels.
  • Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) –  participant is currently enrolled in or has completed a CCE approved national or regional training program of 60 hours or more, and meets the requirements for and has applied/intends to apply for CCE’s Board Certified Coach (BCC) designation.
  • a participant may participate in a coaching circle if they have previously completed any of the above and are just seeking further coaching practice/skills maintenance

How many hours are required for credentialing, and with which accrediting organizations?

International Coach Federation (ICF):

  • 100 hours for their ACC credential
  • 500 hours for their PCC credential
  • 2,500 hours for their MCC credential.

European Mentoring and Coaching Centre (EMCC):

  • Foundation level: at least one year’s experience (minimum 50 hours) and at least five clients over one year
  • Practitioner level: at least three years’ experience (minimum 100 hours) and at least 10 clients over three years
  • Senior practitioner: at least five years’ experience (minimum 250 hours) and at least 20 clients over five years

International Association of Coaching (AIC):

  • knowledge and application of your coaching skills, and mastery of all the coaching concepts and processes

The International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M):

  • Accredited Practitioner Coach 60 hours of training + 60 hours of actual experience
  • Accredited Senior Coach 120 hours of training + 750 hours of actual experience
  • Accredited Master Coach 180 hours of training + 1,500 hours of actual experience
  • Accredited Fellow Coach 240 hours of training + 2,500 hours of actual experience

Association of Coaching:

  • Leader Coach – 25 hours of Coaching experience
  • Member – 50 hours of training + 25 hours of experience
  • Foundation Coach/Foundation Executive Coach 35+ hours of training + 75+ hours of experience and 3 months of supervision
  • Coach/Executive Coach – 40+ hours of training + 250 hours of experience and 6 months of supervision
  • Professional Coach/Professional Executive Coach 60+ hours of training + 750 hours of experience and 9 months of supervision
  • Master Coach/Master Executive Coach – 80 hours of training + 1500 hours of training and 12 months of supervision

What is the industry standard for Peer Coaching prices?

It varies greatly. Each coaching Program provides peer coaching while you are in that Program. Those programs can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Some will provide ongoing peer coaching opportunities after their program, however the majority charge for this.

There are a few organizations that charge anywhere from $55 to work with 1 coach for 6 sessions (and get coached by a different coach for 6 sessions), $68 to work with 1 coach for 6 sessions (and get coached by a different coach for 6 sessions), or $300 a year to work with 3 coaches up to 4 times a year (12 coaches total)

There are some organizations that also do not charge.

What is the Vital Ability 1:1 Peer Exchange Schedule and Pricing Structure?

Cost for Each Circle Start Date

$75 per Cycle (includes reciprocal access to 1 Certified Coach)

This is strictly a coordination/admin fee. You are not being charged for coaching or being coached. While the coaching you provide through the exchange is considered paid hours, the bartering of the actual coaching time is free as part of your exchange with your partner.

All purchases are final. There are no refunds for coordination/admin fees.

Schedule: Based on Availability 2 Month Commitment Per Cycle

1 Cycle at a time = 8 sessions

1 Coach and you.

12-20 coaching credit hours

Coaching would begin the 1st of any Month in the Calendar Year, so advance registration is necessary.

If you are interested, please REGISTER HERE.

For more information contact us at myvitalability@gmail.com