Educational Workshops

We provide various virtual educational workshops on a number of topics that are customizable for the audience we are presenting to (mostly health, advocacy, or personal development related).

Let us know what your needs are, your topic of interest, and we will help you with putting together a dynamic, informative, and memorable workshop that will inspire, teach, and leave your attendees more aware and informed .

Cost for a customized workshop is based on length of workshop (example: 1 day, 3 day, 5 day) whether you want assessments and interactive handouts for your participants, and style of workshop (pre-recorded or delivered live virtually)

We have developed and provided workshops for these previous topics:

  • Alternative Methods For Reducing Pain and Neuropathy
  • A Roadmap To Getting The Most From Your Medical Appointment
  • Building Emotional Resilience In An Unpredictable World
  • Coaching Empire – Popular Coaching Exercises and How To Use Them
  • Dialed In – Pacing Yourself With Cognitive Fatigue
  • Diffuse Axonal Injury – The Nearly Invisible Dark Passenger
  • Endocrine Changes Due To Trauma
  • Executive Functions – Brain Interrupted
  • Finding the Missing Puzzle Pieces – Getting Organized After A Concussion
  • Finding Your Voice – Advocacy Basics
  • Grief and Renewal – Navigating Life After a Life Altering Event
  • Guided Imagery – Putting Your Imagination To Work For You
  • How To Create A Winning Mindset
  • Keys To The Kingdom – How To Practice Mindfulness
  • Life Coaching 101 – What Is A Life Coach Anyway?
  • Managing PTSD with Coaching
  • Sex After Brain Injury and Trauma
  • The Endzone – Setting Goals and Sticking To Them
  • The Importance of Continuous Learning – The Synaptic Link
  • The Wheel of Life Goes Round and Round