Svitlana Penievska – Amsterdam area, Netherlands

I’ve been a client with Caren for over one month and we have covered various topics. We have especially been focusing on challenges related to self isolation during quarantine. Each session with Caren starts with her very warm welcome and genuine attention to me. Since our lives have been turned upside down I get confused by the consequences of Covid-19 lock-down, but didn’t realize how to handle it until I started working with Caren. She creates a very welcoming and safe environment to talk about my biggest concerns and work them out; listens very attentively, and catches the most important topics to me.

Due to Caren utilizing these skills, I uncovered many hidden worries I was not even aware of. Our sessions together always work, as an eye opener for me. Caren helped me to turn my problems around and create a positive vision for the future, and if it was not possible or outside my ability to control or change the situation, she helped me to accept each situation as it is.

I would highly recommend Caren as a coach for everyone who wants to be able to discover themselves and are open to discussing their most personal and vulnerable topics with an incredibly thoughtful and understanding coach.