What Is Luck Anyway?

According to Miriam Webster Dictionary, “Luck” is the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual; or success or failure brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

Has anyone ever told you that you are lucky, or said good “LUCK” to you – which let’s face it, depending on the tone used it can generate warm fuzzies or a harsh critique. Has anyone you know, or yourself even….held tight to a lucky object (like a rabbit’s foot, a picture, a keychain, etc) or a belief…no matter how ridiculous (like the sing-song kid rhyme that “if you step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back”) it sounds?  Have you every referred to someone as born lucky, or lucky to be alive, or whatever happened to them was the luck of the draw?  What does that even mean….really?  Of course if you have the lucky folks, you have to have the unlucky too, right?  Or is it the belief itself that creates this “LUCK”?

People have questioned whether luck is a form of spirituality, perhaps giving comfort – or a strong held belief in faith itself.  Some folks believe it is nothing but pure superstition. Perhaps even a state of mind or mental prowess, and how we apply it in our own lives, based on our own values and beliefs. 

Regardless, one thing is clear –  Luck, or rather….the belief in “LUCK”…..gives people HOPE.

Lets break it down a little further….If luck is chance….and chance is often used to mean opportunity.  Well then….

If that is truly the case, then any time you create something….any time you take notice in someone….anytime you are presented with an opportunity that you take on as your own or take advantage of in some way – then ultimately one could say that you are laying the groundwork for not only maximizing your experiences, but laying the groundwork to allow “LUCK” (or in this case chance) to come to full fruition as something that substantially impacts the person doing the work for it.

Lucky people make successful decisions…right? Lucky people have good intuition and strong gut feelings;  Lucky people expect greatness and then seek ways to achieve that greatness. Lucky people have these amazing opportunities that just seem to fall into their lap, seemingly sometimes, without even trying.

Think about it.  If an outcome is lucky, then that means, by the thought in and of itself…that having “luck” creates an outcome that is significant in impacting that persons life, where if it is unlucky then the belief is, by that person, that the result is somehow jinxed, or is negative, or unlikely. 

It seems it is all boiled down to our mental attitude and perhaps even who we choose to hobnob with that influence our perception of what luck is and how it comes about; perhaps our “luck” is driven by who we view can support our vital abilities, our talents, our intuition, our open-minded belief in possibility, HOPE, and perhaps even the unseen things we may not be able to understand as clearly……like the power of a miracle.

What is luck Anyway?

I think it is our opportunity to learn and grow, while squeezing the benefits from our experiences, while allowing us to analyze how we can avoid mistakes…not just now in this moment….but in the future; I think “LUCK” propels us through a continuum of time and a magnitude of exploring our perceptions; forges us onward with a valiant courage and stout faith that allows us to step into the seeming void and find those rocks beneath our feet just by taking a chance with that next step.  

This means….guess what???? That we….all of us…… are ALL Lucky……even if we aren’t Irish (Happy St. Patrick’s Day for those that are), or wearing green! 

Thanks for reading….and HEY…….GOOD LUCK!!!